Autumn at Montevideo

Have you ever thought of visiting Uruguay? Well, we do not blame you, it is, in fact, a beautiful country. So, get in your plane and come visit 

Uruguay as we staff up the Montevideo International Airport (SUMU) for six straight hours. Do not miss the chance!

This Sunday, April 25th, starting at 1800z all the way till 2359z, FIR Montevideo will be staffing up the biggest airport in Uruguay, 

the General Cesareo L. Berisso International Airport at Montevideo, as well as other airports in the Montevideo TMA for all IFR and VFR pilots to come and visit us. 

We have prepared a booking system for this event; you can book your flights using the following website:

You can book more than one flight. Feel free to fly with any callsign, any aircraft and any airline, as we are not including that as part of the slot booking. However, we ask you to do your best to comply with your slot times. The booked slot time is the Calculated Take-off Time and the Estimated Time of Arrival.

Come visit Uruguay’s beautiful beaches, museums, historical buildings, theaters, markets and much, much more while enjoying the beautiful feeling of Autumn at Montevideo. We will be waiting for you!

You can find the charts for the entire Uruguayan airspace at:

And Carrasco's at:

Fecha: 2021-04-25
Hora: 18:00:00UTC